Lets start with introduction of the gang:

Vivek, Advait and me


Pratik, Darpini and Anshi


And our Rath :

This trip has been extremely eventful since the dream of it. Vivek is a driving addict he can drive non-stop for 12-14 hours. We all new when ever our first Laddakh trip will happen it will be a road trip only. Now realty check … both the families had Santro only as a car but taking Santro to Leh with 4 Adults and 2 kids was not an option, Zoom car was out of question considering Laddah Taxi Unions opposition for self drive Taxi’s. We started searching for a high GC, sporty car + budget car, finally TUV 300 arrived at our home.

Started planning and collecting luggage, from very first look of our luggage alone I was confident we would be needing extra luggage space i.e. carrier. It took lot of convincing to Vivek and then he got roof carrier installed just 2 days before our trip.

Lot of high voltage drama happened just few hours short of our trip. My grandma was not keeping week since 3rd Sept’16 and she was admitted to hospital since then. I was checking regularly with my parents if I need to come to Jaipur to visit but they always said its not needed as I met her during Rakshabandhan. Twist in tail happens when my mother calls me at 02:00 PM on 9th Sept’16 saying that grand ma’s situation is very critical and she wants to see me. Our plan to leave for dream trip was at 11:00 PM on 9th Sept’16. After this call it became evident that out leh trip is at great risk. I and Vivek decided to pay a visit to Jaipur immediately. We started from Gurgaon around 3:30 PM and reached Jaipur super duper fast at 07:00 PM. Visited grand ma…. she was not well, doctor was saying she will survive this illness but might be fully bed ridden. We saw lot of sad faced there tried to cool down the environment a bit and started our return journey to Faridabad at 09:30 PM. Again the return drive was hell of a speedy non-recommended drive. My brother accompanied us till Gurgaon to help Vivek in driving.

Back here in Faridabad, Prateek and Darpini were getting anxious for our chances of returning and carrying on the dream trip. And bang on… twist happened …. real twist Darpini accidentally twisted her foot at 08:00 PM. Till we returned to Faridabad Prateek and Darpini were rushing to hospitals for X-ray bandage etc….. fortunately she did not had any fracture but it was ligament rupture. Checked with them if they would still want to carry the trip. Darpini showed a extreme brave face.. despite hell of the pain and discomfort she said trip would be ON. Kudos to her…

All decided to rest for couple of hours before embarking the journey but actually no one could sleep due to excitement, anxiousness, adrenaline rush.

Finally we left our comforting beds at 04:00 started getting ready, kiddos with us were equally excited. Prateek, Darpini and Anshi arrived at out plan around 05:00 AM… for next 1 hour Vivek and Prateek were at herculean task of assembling luggage at carrier and inside the Rath.

And finally the unbelievable moment arrived when we started the much awaited, dramatic journey. Around 6:00 AM our Rath roared, Saarthi took his seat and we sank inside the unbelievable moment to be zoomed away for upcoming unparalleled 15 days of our life.


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